Expressing myself has always been an issue for me ever since I was young; either I cared about what people would say about me or I just followed others in order not to get judged. That’s not what I’m about anymore. I’m about expressing what I want and when I want (respectfully of course) all while inspiring others to do so to break the stigma of discrimination and disrespect. Unfortunately, judgement will always be around to remind us that some people will never want to see happiness in themselves or others, but I’ll try my damn hardest to ignore it.

Although this blog is mainly going to consist of fashion and beauty related subjects, you’ll also see content that revolves around food, fitness, books, and other lifestyle related things. I was going to continue the blog that I had already started about 2 years back but, it doesn’t really match my personality anymore or the person that I am today, which is why I’m turning over a new leaf and starting fresh.

Until next time xxx



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