How Food Can Effect your Physical and Mental Well-Being


Today this article is going to be about how powerful food can be. This idea came into my mind when I used to constantly complain about how tired I would be in the morning, even after my coffee. So I decided to change my sleeping habits…but that wasn’t working either so I looked into my diet. For breakfast I was eating toast and peanut butter about 4 days a week, so I discovered that that was obviously the problem. I then changed my morning diet and came to find out that it was after all my eating habits that were causing me to be even sleepier in the morning. I decided to eat foods like fruits and hard-boiled eggs, and occasionally have a smoothie with a side of 2 bananas. Sometimes I don’t even need to have my coffee because the energy I get from the fruits are just enough to get me through the morning…then in the afternoon I need a coffee.

Here are some facts about how food can effect your Physical well-being:

  • there’s no aspect of your life that isn’t influenced by what you eat.
  • fuelling your body with processed foods, fast food, sugar, and calorie-densed food will affect who you are, what you do, and your ability to pursue your dreams and aspirations. Food is that powerful.
  • Eating healthy food enables your body to perform movements with ease.
  • A poor diet with unhealthy food choices can make each movement a major effort filled with stress, strain, and pain.
  • If you prefer sugar filled foods, you alternate between energy spikes and crashes.
  • Eating foods that are very greasy and fried, increase your risk for major diseases that impair your physical well being and could threaten your life. For example: diabetes and heart problems.

Here are some facts about how food can effect your Mental well-being:

  • Food supplies the source of power for your brain as well as your body, and has a direct relationship to your mental and emotional health, as well as stability.
  • The obvious fact about reducing the risk of obesity is the elimination of as many calorie-densed foods as possible.
  • As for relationships; when you eat good, you feel good and look good, which increases your social skills and confidence.
  • If you are struggling with obesity, it’s probable that you don’t socialize very much and it takes all of your energy away from you.
  • Limited research suggests that certain nutrients support your emotional well- being: omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid, vitamin D, and vitamin B-12. The Mediterranean diet offers these nutrients mentioned, and many others of course.
  • The nutrient omega-3 fatty acids becomes part  of the membrane of the brain cells and then controls many of the processes in the brain.

If any of these facts interest some of you, you guys should definitely check out the movies: Super Size Me and Food Inc. They are the best movies if you want to see the behind-the-scenes of food production, as well as the behaviours that come with eating unhealthy.

These are a few substitutes for unhealthy snacks, that would improve your day-to-day diet a bit more:

  • Instead of chips, opt for an apple or a banana.
  • Instead of a chocolate bar, try and find a protein bar or a granola bar that has healthy ingredients.
  • Instead of a bag of candy, opt for sliced vegetables and a non-fat dip or vinaigrette.
  • When you’re craving ice cream or a frozen treat, a frozen fruit bar or organic sorbet would do the trick.

Writing articles like this one really motivates me to practice what I preach (meaning actually taking my own healthy food advice, because sometimes it can be quite difficult not to indulge from time to time). I’ll definitely write more “food” articles soon; maybe a part two of this post, recipes, lunch ideas, etc…

Until next time! xxx


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