My thoughts on the book “You Are A Badass”


Today I decided to change things up a bit. Seeing as I never would’ve thought that a book could change my life, now’s the time to say it. A book changed my life.

Here’s why…

As you may have noticed from the title, the book is called “You Are A Badass” written by Jen Sincero, who is a very intelligent and witty writer. She’s a life coach which makes her a pro at giving advice, and has a lot of tips and tricks that are easy to follow throughout the book, which definitely made it a more interesting and easy read. She goes through a series of chapters explaining different concepts and then relating her life to those chapters. Without giving away the entire book, she explains certain aspects in your life, a lot differently than we would think of them (for me personally anyway) and she just reminds us how short life is. Which may sound extremely cliché but it’s true, life is short, so if you want to do something or accomplish something DO IT, before it’s too late.

Side note: the quotes mentioned below are directly from Jennifer’s book.

Do what you can to make some upgrades to where you’re at now.

I live by this quote. As cliché as this may sound again, everyone deserves as much as life has to offer (which is a lot if I may add). So grab the bull by its horns and thrive for as much as you’re capable of and are willing to go for. For example, if you’re working a mediocre job that you’re getting bored with, go out and look for another job that WILL make you excited to be at work everyday. It’s the little things that we get used to, that could always use a little upgrade now and then.


I’m the perfect example of a person who loves routine; I have for the longest time but working extremely hard to get out of that. To elaborate, I was never the first one to try something new, like ever. But after reading this book I changed the way I viewed others and experiences, in terms of stepping outside of my comfort zone and changing the way I do things from a day to day basis. Example: people who travel for longer periods of time. You need to be comfortable with your everyday life to simply pick up and leave for a month, or even longer. I always find it refreshing to see people accomplish that.

Read Your Manifesto

When Jennifer wrote manifesto, she means your own personal declaration dedicated to yourself. Your declaration could be about anything really, on a piece of paper, as long as you can look back and understand what you meant and the feelings you felt in that moment. I did something similar, for long term though, I wrote what I wished to accomplish in 2017 (on little individual pieces of paper) and put them all in a mason jar. And when I looked at the filled mason jar, it actually put a smile on my face because I was excited to see the outcome at the end of this year. Another thing you could do for short term goals is simply write the things you wish to create, accomplish, complete, etc… on one big piece of paper and see what goals are realistic and which ones might take a bit longer.

All of that being said, if you’re in need of some life inspiration and motivation, You Are a Badass is a must read.

Feel free to let me know in the comments below if you guys have any suggestions for motivational or inspirational books! Would love to know.

Until next time xxx













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