Before I jump into today’s article, I would just like to mention that I absolutely love splurging on statement pieces but when it comes to shorts or very seasonal pieces, I usually pass. So that being said, this article will be about statement shorts being a yay or nay, and where to essentially buy the affordable ones.

Topshop is one of my favorite places to shop when I need something that’s going to be unique and out of the ordinary. Topshop is great for pieces of clothing that’ll make not only yourself but others say ‘Wow where did you get those…’ Now in terms of shorts they have ah-mazing choices like these ones:

Although they’re not the most ‘summer appropriate’ pair of shorts, they are definitely the most versatile that I have to show you guys today. They would look so sick for a night out with a pair of nude platform sandals or wedges, with a white bodysuit – omg. And my favorite thing about these shorts is that they’re little round silver balls, instead of studs. For some reason I don’t like the look of studs, I find it looks over dated, but these little embellishments make it look cute and unique. Other than that they’re quite affordable for statement shorts.


Now these are living proof that high-waisted shorts with a tie around the waist is a MUST for anyone’s closet. I’m not crazy about the colour, but I’m almost certain that I would get over it because they’re just so perfect. I also know for a fact that this design of short is flattering on any body type because of the cinched waist, and will give you the appearance of long legs with the vertical lines. Also very affordable.

Zara, aka my favorite clothing store for literally EVERYTHING. Overall their clothing is very affordable, whether it’s Winter or Spring, you can always find simple or really edgy pieces for a good price. As for statement shorts, they have a huge variety on sale right now but these really stood out to me the most:

  •  2615520050_2_2_1


These shorts are perfect for the summer season, or any sunny destination. They have that tropical vibe that would look great with tanned skin and cute black slides. It seems to be a pattern with this post, but these shorts also have a cinched waist, that look great on everyone (as I already mentioned). Another thing I really enjoy with these shorts is the colour palette chosen for this pattern; the darker tones compliment each other and would be so much easier to style since you have a variety of colours.

H&M is another favorite of mine. It’s the middle ground between Forever 21 and Zara, in my opinion. Really good basics, and eye-catching pieces for a great price as well. You would probably see me just as often in H&M than you would in Zara to be honest. When it comes to statement shorts and just shorts in general, there was a huge selection but this pair stood out to me the most:

The first thing that caught my eye about this pair of shorts was the scalloped detailing; it’s so delicate yet the drawstring adds that casual look to it. Perfect for a day at the beach or running errands. I don’t normally gravitate towards purples but since it’s a pastel I would definitely grab it to style cute summer fits with it. Another plus is that they’re super affordable just like the rest of their collections.

To conclude this article, statement shorts are a solid YAY for me. As long as you find a good quality to good price ratio then it’s definitely worth it for the spring/summer seasons. I would love to know, in the comments below, which statement clothing do you purchase the most?

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