What to Pack for a Weekend Getaway


Who doesn’t love a weekend away from the City or from a hectic week? I know I do. Ever since I decided to take a break from the work field and enjoy my summer, I have so much more time for myself to enjoy things like weekend getaways. I’ll be going away for the weekend to Ottawa (from Sat-Mon) and figured what better way to start packing than also post an article about it. Two birds with one stone right? I always end up packing too much anyway, so this is the perfect opportunity for me to force myself and pack like a normal human being. With that being said, this is how I pack for any weekend trip.

Side note: these are in no specific order.

  • Camera/your phone


This is a great thing to have wherever you go really, but especially on any trip that you take. It lets you preserve memories and then you’re able to look back at those pictures and reminisce.

  • Sunscreen


Super important if you’re going anywhere during the summer, and spending your weekend outside and doing activities. For me personally, I don’t necessarily like putting sunscreen on for various reasons (even though I know it’s terrible for my skin). So I compromise with myself and put SPF 4.

  • Chargers + Speakers


This is pretty self-explanatory; literally everywhere I go I bring my phone charger with me just in case, you never know of anything. Besides my phone and laptop charger, I’m also going to bring along a speaker to use in the hotel room (at a reasonable volume of course). Bluetooth speakers are always fun to bring along to any trip, so you can play music basically anywhere and have a quality sound.

  • Makeup


I’d say this is one of the most important parts to any trip, if you’re a makeup fanatic like myself. Although I can leave the house frequently without makeup, I’m incapable of leaving for a trip without makeup. On a normal weekend getaway I would only bring the essentials, such as mascara, concealer, and bronzer. But for my particular weekend, as you can probably tell, I’m bringing along a lot of highlighter and glitter (guess where I’m going hehe).

  • The Inside of my Suitcase


For any weekend trip, I would suggest that you bring two or three of everything, meaning pants/shorts, intimates, and shirts. I would also suggest adding a bathing suit because most hotels have a pool and if you go to a chalet, chances are there’s a jacuzzi or hot tub of some sort.

  • Snacks!!

Snacks pic

This part is essential to any trip, whether it be a long travel time or not, snacks solve boredom, fatigue, and hunger. I went with a Clif Bar which are so delicious and filling, and I also went with a bag of gluten-free chocolate chip cookies (no I’m not gluten intolerant but I just enjoy gluten-free products).

  • Toiletries


This part is pretty self-explanatory as well; I tried to pack as many small-sized products as possible because that saves a lot of space when packing. But the only product I didn’t have a travel size of was my makeup remover, which fit in the back anyway so it ended up working out. Other than that I would solely say that travel size is definitely your friend when packing for a weekend away.

  • Accessories


Hands down my favourite part of packing today was putting aside these amazing accessories for my trip. This may seem like a lot for just a weekend but in all honesty you can get away much easier with repeating an outfit, when you add different accessories to it. Sunglasses are a must for any trip, any destination, any temperature. I added a baseball cap for when I’m travelling, and a trendy fanny pack for the event I will be attending all weekend.

  • Miscellaneous Items


Last but not least, I added this small cosmetics bag to my suitcase with the basic necessities such as: tide to go, band aids, tylenol, gum. You know, grown up stuff. Even if you think you might not spill anything on you, or you won’t get a headache during your trip…chances are that’s when you’ll get the very rare headache, or spill grape juice on your white shirt. So it’s always good to carry around with you.

Well that completes this blog post on what to pack when going away for the weekend. I hope you guys enjoyed and helped you, if you’re needing to pack for a trip recently. And don’t forget to follow me on Insta (@caro_marion) and Snapchat (@caromarionn) to keep up with my weekend shenanigans in Ottawa.

Until next time babes xxx




My thoughts on the book “You Are A Badass”


Today I decided to change things up a bit. Seeing as I never would’ve thought that a book could change my life, now’s the time to say it. A book changed my life.

Here’s why…

As you may have noticed from the title, the book is called “You Are A Badass” written by Jen Sincero, who is a very intelligent and witty writer. She’s a life coach which makes her a pro at giving advice, and has a lot of tips and tricks that are easy to follow throughout the book, which definitely made it a more interesting and easy read. She goes through a series of chapters explaining different concepts and then relating her life to those chapters. Without giving away the entire book, she explains certain aspects in your life, a lot differently than we would think of them (for me personally anyway) and she just reminds us how short life is. Which may sound extremely cliché but it’s true, life is short, so if you want to do something or accomplish something DO IT, before it’s too late.

Side note: the quotes mentioned below are directly from Jennifer’s book.

Do what you can to make some upgrades to where you’re at now.

I live by this quote. As cliché as this may sound again, everyone deserves as much as life has to offer (which is a lot if I may add). So grab the bull by its horns and thrive for as much as you’re capable of and are willing to go for. For example, if you’re working a mediocre job that you’re getting bored with, go out and look for another job that WILL make you excited to be at work everyday. It’s the little things that we get used to, that could always use a little upgrade now and then.


I’m the perfect example of a person who loves routine; I have for the longest time but working extremely hard to get out of that. To elaborate, I was never the first one to try something new, like ever. But after reading this book I changed the way I viewed others and experiences, in terms of stepping outside of my comfort zone and changing the way I do things from a day to day basis. Example: people who travel for longer periods of time. You need to be comfortable with your everyday life to simply pick up and leave for a month, or even longer. I always find it refreshing to see people accomplish that.

Read Your Manifesto

When Jennifer wrote manifesto, she means your own personal declaration dedicated to yourself. Your declaration could be about anything really, on a piece of paper, as long as you can look back and understand what you meant and the feelings you felt in that moment. I did something similar, for long term though, I wrote what I wished to accomplish in 2017 (on little individual pieces of paper) and put them all in a mason jar. And when I looked at the filled mason jar, it actually put a smile on my face because I was excited to see the outcome at the end of this year. Another thing you could do for short term goals is simply write the things you wish to create, accomplish, complete, etc… on one big piece of paper and see what goals are realistic and which ones might take a bit longer.

All of that being said, if you’re in need of some life inspiration and motivation, You Are a Badass is a must read.

Feel free to let me know in the comments below if you guys have any suggestions for motivational or inspirational books! Would love to know.

Until next time xxx















I am back for part two of my festival makeup ideas. Yesterday I attended my first mini festival of the season and let me tell you…it was the greatest way to start the summer. The music was great, vibes were great, even the food was great. And as I was leaving the festival yesterday, which was held at Parc Jean Drapeau for those who are curious, I couldn’t stop thinking about the next time I would be able to glow up my face and body and wear fun jewels on my face again. So what better time to post another article than today, when the feeling about being at a festival is still fresh in my brain.

Before I show you guys the makeup look I created, here is the beautiful Cartia Mallan on Instagram, aka my inspiration for summer makeup for the rest of my eternity. Not only is she talented, but she’s also such a beautiful human being inside and out. Moving on, I really liked what she did with the glitter under her eyes; she used thick and fine glitter, the first half a pretty silver colour and the bottom half a dark pink.

Since this was my first time applying glitter in such quantity under my eyes, I did not want to apply too much because I was worried that it wouldn’t look clean and professional. So I took a light hand to my under eyes with a glitter gel and a precise concealer brush. I know for a fact that when it comes to re-creating this look the second time, I will add a lot more and most likely in a gradient effect.




I bought the glitter from Michael’s, which probably isn’t the greatest for my skin, but honestly it was just so pretty that I couldn’t resist. Moving on, I added a small wing to extend my eyes a bit more, which is the most flattering on me when I apply falsies. Other than falsies, I also wanted to add colour to my face (seeing as the glitter was quite white/silver on my fair skin) so I added a bright red liquid lip and Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer to create more dimension to my face. As for highlighter, it’s a bit difficult to notice it on the pictures but when I re-create this look for a festival I’ll have this summer, I will most likely apply a darker champagne shade since I won’t be as ghostly looking (fingers crossed).

I LOVED creating this look for you guys, and hopefully it gave you a bit of inspiration for the festival season.

Until next time xxx


Simple Everyday Makeup Look


For this article I wanted to incorporate the makeup look that I do pretty much everyday; whether it be for school or work. I find this super easy to do for days that I’m running late or days that I just want to be comfortable and easy breezy. The only time I’ll force myself and glam it up is if I’m going out for drinks or dinner, pretty much for occasions, but I will make sure to show you guys how I do my makeup for nights out. My essentials for any simple makeup is a few coats of mascara and a medium-full coverage concealer, because that’s like the foundation to any look (for me personally).

Here are the steps that I always take in order to achieve my everyday makeup look:

Step One:


Firstly, I start by moisturizing my face with this Clinique lotion that I could literally not live without; it works great for my dry skin and doesn’t leave my face feeling tacky once I apply it. Right after I apply the lotion over my entire face, I continue with an under eye cream from Jouviance. Although I don’t have dark circles, I still find my under eyes a bit dull and flat (especially after an all nighter of studying), so that’s why I went with a cream that was a 3 in 1. When I apply this light cream, my under eyes suddenly become vibrant and alive. Plus, it helps my concealer blend a lot better with a creamy base.

I go on to complete step one by doing my brows (the most important part). I start by brushing my eyebrow hairs as per normal, making sure to have a “clean” surface to work on. I then outline where I want my eyebrows to start and finish with a liquid eyebrow pencil in the colour Light, by Stila. I can’t even remember the last time I didn’t use this for my brows and don’t want to, considering my life dependency on it (dramatic but true). To fill the outlined area of my brows, I then use the Benefit Brow Duo in Light as well, which I’ve also been re-purchasing for the longest time.

Step Two:


This step is crucial for me, seeing as concealer is like my foundation and I usually cannot leave the house without it. I use the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous in the shade Fair, with my newest black beauty blender, which I definitely see myself re-purchasing very soon. I apply concealer under my eyes in little triangular shapes and gently apply the excess on my cupid’s bow, lower forehead, and chin. To set my entire face I take Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder in translucent, which is amazing for a drugstore powder.

Step Three:


For my third step, I do my contour, blush, and highlight which is personally my favourite step because you could do the most minimal contour and highlight, or you could do them super dramatically, all with the same products and brushes. For my contour I use the L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Contour in Light, and I apply this with my contour brush from Real Techniques. Unfortunately the contour powder, of this duo, can be used up very quickly so I am currently looking for a single contour powder that would replace this one. I then apply light blush to my cheeks with this Personelle muted pink, almost a light brown shade that is very pigmented and really smooth. To finish off this step, I apply highlight to the highest points of my face, meaning my cupid’s bow, the tops of my cheek bones,  down the bridge of my nose and right under my brows, with the highlight shade in the same contour palette from L’Oréal.

Step Four:


Last but not least, I will curl my lashes with this ancient eyelash curler from Revlon and apply one generous coat of mascara, with the L’Oréal Telescopic mascara in carbon black. I wait a good 5 minutes for that coat of mascara to dry, until I go back in and curl my lashes again to get them as long as possible. Then I usually take the Lash Sensational mascara from Maybelline and go in with another generous coat of mascara, and VOILA.

This is the finished look…


What’s your go-to product that you can’t go a day without? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time xxx


Thrift Shop Finds

There’s nothing better (in my opinion) than getting really nice pieces of clothing for such a little price. I was never too fawned of shopping at thrift stores because I was always so worried about what people would think if I was wearing a t-shirt or a pair of pants that only cost me 5.00$. But as I grow older and see how expensive some pieces of clothing can be, I take advantage of the fact that thrift shops even exist at all. And the important thing isn’t the amount you spend but rather how you style the piece(s) of clothing. I don’t go thrifting often seeing as we don’t have that many in Montreal, but when I do I make sure to grab as many valuable pieces as possible. Here are the items I got while thrifting a little while ago, and will most likely do a part 2 of more thrift shop finds in the near future:


Version 2

Although the material of this top is very uncomfortable, the gold shimmer it has makes this top super cute and easy to dress up. I love the fact that I have the choice of dressing up a t-shirt (which is usually a bit difficult). Tucked in to a pair of pants with a gold accented belt would be my choice of a dressier outfit, and I kept it casual in this picture by tying it in the front and throwing on a pair of comfy leggings.


Version 2

I was actually pretty lucky to have found this Naked & Famous light wash, denim button-down at Village des Valeurs because, as I researched the value of this particular top, it goes for 150$ US on their website. So I really scored with this one, and plus it fits oversized which is my favourite kind of fit. I have other denim button-downs but not like this one, it almost has the faintest shade of purple (which is impossible to tell on the picture but hey).


Version 2

This turtle neck is such a staple for any season, but especially for fall. I would love to know what brand it is but unfortunately it doesn’t have a single tag inside. Besides that, the colour is so beautiful because it’s a very dark burnt orange but also has the slightest  shade of brown so it appears darker in person, which contrasts my skin tone very well. Another thing I like about this turtleneck is that the neck portion is very long, which lets me play around with the way I want it to sit on my neck (all scrunched up or folded over like I did here).



I am just over the moon about these pants; I’ve never seen any pant with stripes this thin so I find them quite unique and fun. If I had to change something about them, I would lengthen them just one more inch, but other than that, they’re really comfortable as well. I’m very obsessed with high-waisted anything, so the fact that these pants are high- waisted made me purchase them that much more. I would probably wear a white sleeveless button-down and tie the front into a knot, and chuck on a pair of white sneakers like I had on in this picture, for a cute spring/summer look.



And lastly, I purchased these faux suede cropped pants, which are the coolest things ever. I can’t wait to style these when the weather warms up a bit because for right now it’s still a little too chilly for my ankles to be that exposed (mtl problems). They’re also high-waisted which just makes my life that much better and easier. As for styling them, I will probably wear a pointed-toe heel since they’re cropped and have a more chic material to them.

As I mentioned in the beginning I will most likely make a part two of my thrift shop finds, just to give myself an excuse to go thrifting again hehe.

Until next time xxx


HOW TO STYLE: A Plain Jane Blouse

When it comes to finding versatile clothing, I’m always the first one to suggest different options with only piece of clothing. Being able to rewear a piece of clothing a number of times without actually repeating an outfit, is a solid yes for me. It’s fascinating, in my opinion, to dress something down with a certain pair of pants or shoes, and dressing something up with fleeky makeup and/or nice jewelry. In my wardrobe you’ll mainly see comfortable loose clothing and a various assortment of pants, which is why I decided to find my favorite most versatile blouse and show you the different ways that I style it.

1. Dressed-Down

This look is one of favorites to run errands in because you look like you just rolled out of bed but still put together at the same time. As for accessories, I went for a baseball cap that would tie in well with my joggers, and also to give a sporty-er look to this outfit. When I’ll actually wear this outfit out, I will most likely throw on a pair of Uggs or for the warmer weather, a pair of cute slides.


Joggers: H&M
White Button-Down: Zara Basic
Grey Baseball Cap: Aldo

2. Dressed-Up

This outfit isn’t usually what I would gravitate to, unless I had an important school meeting or presentation, but for the sake of this article I decided to integrate a classy outfit to the mix. And since I don’t dress up that often, I opted for a navy more casual dress pant, and silver jewelry to compliment the blue. The only thing I wasn’t sure about,  is that these pants are mid-rise and I’m a high-waisted type of jean person. But, turns out they’re just as comfortable and cute, they just sit lower on the body is all.


Bracelets: Tiffany Co. and Lole
Silver earrings: Garage
Pants: Old Navy


3. Casual 

This look would be perfect to wear to a casual dinner or even school, seeing as it’s nice and simple. I tucked the front in because whenever I do so to any shirt, it accentuates my waist and gives my outfit a bit more dimension. The blue of the jeans is a perfect mix between dark wash and light wash, which is why I thought it gave a subtle contrast against the stark white blouse. I paired this outfit with my patent leather booties from Zara, because the frayed hem looks better with a pointed toe boot rather than a rounded toe boot (in my opinion). Finished it off with a vintage looking belt, that I literally cannot stop wearing.


Handkerchief: Aldo
Belt: Simons
Jeans: H&M

Loved working on this article, and can’t wait to do many more like this one soon.
Until next time xxx




Expressing myself has always been an issue for me ever since I was young; either I cared about what people would say about me or I just followed others in order not to get judged. That’s not what I’m about anymore. I’m about expressing what I want and when I want (respectfully of course) all while inspiring others to do so to break the stigma of discrimination and disrespect. Unfortunately, judgement will always be around to remind us that some people will never want to see happiness in themselves or others, but I’ll try my damn hardest to ignore it.

Although this blog is mainly going to consist of fashion and beauty related subjects, you’ll also see content that revolves around food, fitness, books, and other lifestyle related things. I was going to continue the blog that I had already started about 2 years back but, it doesn’t really match my personality anymore or the person that I am today, which is why I’m turning over a new leaf and starting fresh.

Until next time xxx