I am back for part two of my festival makeup ideas. Yesterday I attended my first mini festival of the season and let me tell you…it was the greatest way to start the summer. The music was great, vibes were great, even the food was great. And as I was leaving the festival yesterday, which was held at Parc Jean Drapeau for those who are curious, I couldn’t stop thinking about the next time I would be able to glow up my face and body and wear fun jewels on my face again. So what better time to post another article than today, when the feeling about being at a festival is still fresh in my brain.

Before I show you guys the makeup look I created, here is the beautiful Cartia Mallan on Instagram, aka my inspiration for summer makeup for the rest of my eternity. Not only is she talented, but she’s also such a beautiful human being inside and out. Moving on, I really liked what she did with the glitter under her eyes; she used thick and fine glitter, the first half a pretty silver colour and the bottom half a dark pink.

Since this was my first time applying glitter in such quantity under my eyes, I did not want to apply too much because I was worried that it wouldn’t look clean and professional. So I took a light hand to my under eyes with a glitter gel and a precise concealer brush. I know for a fact that when it comes to re-creating this look the second time, I will add a lot more and most likely in a gradient effect.




I bought the glitter from Michael’s, which probably isn’t the greatest for my skin, but honestly it was just so pretty that I couldn’t resist. Moving on, I added a small wing to extend my eyes a bit more, which is the most flattering on me when I apply falsies. Other than falsies, I also wanted to add colour to my face (seeing as the glitter was quite white/silver on my fair skin) so I added a bright red liquid lip and Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer to create more dimension to my face. As for highlighter, it’s a bit difficult to notice it on the pictures but when I re-create this look for a festival I’ll have this summer, I will most likely apply a darker champagne shade since I won’t be as ghostly looking (fingers crossed).

I LOVED creating this look for you guys, and hopefully it gave you a bit of inspiration for the festival season.

Until next time xxx



Let’s get one thing straight, festival season is quickly approaching and I cannot be any happier (not even exaggerating). It’s like celebrating my birthday 3 more times a year. I’ll be obvious and say that festivals can ruin either your white shoes (like it did mine, RIP) or white clothing because of all the dirty dust from the certain field or land that you’re on. Moving on, this is the first makeup look that I came up with in terms of festival makeup, which means that a definite part two is shortly on its way;


I sat down last week and literally said to myself: “today you’re gonna practice re creating makeup looks for festival season” and very luckily, I came up with this glowy cool-toned alien looking makeup. I can actually say that one of my favourite parts of this look is the dots over each of my eyebrows, it’s such a unique touch. So anyways, when I sat down I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do so I decided to at least start by putting a cool- tone brown in my crease, and it just flowed easily from there. Then came the glitter, which is an older collection from Mac, and the most beautiful loose glitter I’ve ever seen in my life. It actually doesn’t apply like a loose glitter (which is super messy) but instead applies like a pressed glitter and goes on the lid like butter (gross comparison but y’all get my point). I then continued by doing a subtle wing with a coloured gel formula eyeliner from Smashbox, just to give my eyes a bit more dimension. Following that, I applied my favourite false lashes from Quo, and they’re my most-used lashes because of how beautiful and natural-looking they are.

Then comes the fun part…for the little alien dots above my eyebrows, I started with a jumbo eye pencil from NYX in Milk I believe, but seeing as it’s a jumbo pencil the dots were coming up way to big. So I switched it for a regular white Annabelle eyeliner, and was able to create much smaller dots. I wanted to add a fake lip ring so bad using the same eyeliner so I did, but had quite the struggle doing so. Seeing as I applied my lipstick first (obviously) it kept transferring on the WHITE pencil so every time I made one swipe of eyeliner in the desired area, I would wipe the transferred lipstick off, re apply, repeat. But none the less it worked so the 10 minute struggle was worth it.

To finish the entire look off I added a subtle highlight that I ended up layering over and over just to make it a little more opaque, and a dewy fix spray from Nyx to intensify the glow even more.

Just to give you guys an idea of how I decided to proceed with this makeup look once I knew I wanted to do something different…this is the look that I essentially was following by the end, mainly for the dot placements and fake lip ring:


Source: Jamie Genevieve on Instagram

Who else is excited for festival season?!

Thank you guys so much for reading and until next time xxx