What to Pack for a Weekend Getaway


Who doesn’t love a weekend away from the City or from a hectic week? I know I do. Ever since I decided to take a break from the work field and enjoy my summer, I have so much more time for myself to enjoy things like weekend getaways. I’ll be going away for the weekend to Ottawa (from Sat-Mon) and figured what better way to start packing than also post an article about it. Two birds with one stone right? I always end up packing too much anyway, so this is the perfect opportunity for me to force myself and pack like a normal human being. With that being said, this is how I pack for any weekend trip.

Side note: these are in no specific order.

  • Camera/your phone


This is a great thing to have wherever you go really, but especially on any trip that you take. It lets you preserve memories and then you’re able to look back at those pictures and reminisce.

  • Sunscreen


Super important if you’re going anywhere during the summer, and spending your weekend outside and doing activities. For me personally, I don’t necessarily like putting sunscreen on for various reasons (even though I know it’s terrible for my skin). So I compromise with myself and put SPF 4.

  • Chargers + Speakers


This is pretty self-explanatory; literally everywhere I go I bring my phone charger with me just in case, you never know of anything. Besides my phone and laptop charger, I’m also going to bring along a speaker to use in the hotel room (at a reasonable volume of course). Bluetooth speakers are always fun to bring along to any trip, so you can play music basically anywhere and have a quality sound.

  • Makeup


I’d say this is one of the most important parts to any trip, if you’re a makeup fanatic like myself. Although I can leave the house frequently without makeup, I’m incapable of leaving for a trip without makeup. On a normal weekend getaway I would only bring the essentials, such as mascara, concealer, and bronzer. But for my particular weekend, as you can probably tell, I’m bringing along a lot of highlighter and glitter (guess where I’m going hehe).

  • The Inside of my Suitcase


For any weekend trip, I would suggest that you bring two or three of everything, meaning pants/shorts, intimates, and shirts. I would also suggest adding a bathing suit because most hotels have a pool and if you go to a chalet, chances are there’s a jacuzzi or hot tub of some sort.

  • Snacks!!

Snacks pic

This part is essential to any trip, whether it be a long travel time or not, snacks solve boredom, fatigue, and hunger. I went with a Clif Bar which are so delicious and filling, and I also went with a bag of gluten-free chocolate chip cookies (no I’m not gluten intolerant but I just enjoy gluten-free products).

  • Toiletries


This part is pretty self-explanatory as well; I tried to pack as many small-sized products as possible because that saves a lot of space when packing. But the only product I didn’t have a travel size of was my makeup remover, which fit in the back anyway so it ended up working out. Other than that I would solely say that travel size is definitely your friend when packing for a weekend away.

  • Accessories


Hands down my favourite part of packing today was putting aside these amazing accessories for my trip. This may seem like a lot for just a weekend but in all honesty you can get away much easier with repeating an outfit, when you add different accessories to it. Sunglasses are a must for any trip, any destination, any temperature. I added a baseball cap for when I’m travelling, and a trendy fanny pack for the event I will be attending all weekend.

  • Miscellaneous Items


Last but not least, I added this small cosmetics bag to my suitcase with the basic necessities such as: tide to go, band aids, tylenol, gum. You know, grown up stuff. Even if you think you might not spill anything on you, or you won’t get a headache during your trip…chances are that’s when you’ll get the very rare headache, or spill grape juice on your white shirt. So it’s always good to carry around with you.

Well that completes this blog post on what to pack when going away for the weekend. I hope you guys enjoyed and helped you, if you’re needing to pack for a trip recently. And don’t forget to follow me on Insta (@caro_marion) and Snapchat (@caromarionn) to keep up with my weekend shenanigans in Ottawa.

Until next time babes xxx




HOW TO STYLE: A Plain Jane Blouse

When it comes to finding versatile clothing, I’m always the first one to suggest different options with only piece of clothing. Being able to rewear a piece of clothing a number of times without actually repeating an outfit, is a solid yes for me. It’s fascinating, in my opinion, to dress something down with a certain pair of pants or shoes, and dressing something up with fleeky makeup and/or nice jewelry. In my wardrobe you’ll mainly see comfortable loose clothing and a various assortment of pants, which is why I decided to find my favorite most versatile blouse and show you the different ways that I style it.

1. Dressed-Down

This look is one of favorites to run errands in because you look like you just rolled out of bed but still put together at the same time. As for accessories, I went for a baseball cap that would tie in well with my joggers, and also to give a sporty-er look to this outfit. When I’ll actually wear this outfit out, I will most likely throw on a pair of Uggs or for the warmer weather, a pair of cute slides.


Joggers: H&M
White Button-Down: Zara Basic
Grey Baseball Cap: Aldo

2. Dressed-Up

This outfit isn’t usually what I would gravitate to, unless I had an important school meeting or presentation, but for the sake of this article I decided to integrate a classy outfit to the mix. And since I don’t dress up that often, I opted for a navy more casual dress pant, and silver jewelry to compliment the blue. The only thing I wasn’t sure about,  is that these pants are mid-rise and I’m a high-waisted type of jean person. But, turns out they’re just as comfortable and cute, they just sit lower on the body is all.


Bracelets: Tiffany Co. and Lole
Silver earrings: Garage
Pants: Old Navy


3. Casual 

This look would be perfect to wear to a casual dinner or even school, seeing as it’s nice and simple. I tucked the front in because whenever I do so to any shirt, it accentuates my waist and gives my outfit a bit more dimension. The blue of the jeans is a perfect mix between dark wash and light wash, which is why I thought it gave a subtle contrast against the stark white blouse. I paired this outfit with my patent leather booties from Zara, because the frayed hem looks better with a pointed toe boot rather than a rounded toe boot (in my opinion). Finished it off with a vintage looking belt, that I literally cannot stop wearing.


Handkerchief: Aldo
Belt: Simons
Jeans: H&M

Loved working on this article, and can’t wait to do many more like this one soon.
Until next time xxx