Today this article is going to be about my styling looks I love to achieve with blazers. This particular one is navy blue with cream pin stripes, which isn’t your usual classic black blazer but, I figured it would be good to change things up a bit (this probably isn’t going to be the last you see of blazers on this blog anyway). When I initially got this blazer I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to style it, which resulted to me not gravitating towards it as much. But once I gave it a chance and tried it with different tops and accessories, I really fell in love with it. Its material isn’t too thick nor too thin, meaning I can wear it during any season, all depending on when and where. Here are the looks that I came up with for this HTS (how to style) :




This look was quite fun to put together as you can tell from the title (I even did a little Sandy dance during the shoot). But all joking aside, I found that this beige handkerchief and white off-the-shoulder top really balanced out the rest of the pieces that were all super dark. And finally, I went for a classic black mule to give it a spring-y feel and of course to be as comfortable as possible.




First things first, I’ve never had such a comfortable pair of pants like these ones. The material is to die for and the colour is a cool-toned beige which really lets me style them easily. I really liked the soft contrast of navy blue on beige, it made me think of a casual dinner during the spring look or even during a cooler summer night. I decided to go for for dainty and simple gold jewelry to not over power the simplicity of this outfit.




Loved putting this outfit together as well because, I’ve recently been trying to find more office suitable outfits so there’s that, and I also wanted to create more spring and summer appropriate outfits with this body con skirt from bcbg. I felt like the texture of the skirt tied in super well with the stripes of the blazer, as well as the touch of colour in the sandals. I didn’t want the outfit to get any dressier so I stuck with a plain black t-shirt, which I eventually tied into a knot in the front of the shirt to create a “girlier” effect.

What’s your favourite way of wearing a blazer? I would love to know in the comments below!!

Until next time xxx


Thrift Shop Finds

There’s nothing better (in my opinion) than getting really nice pieces of clothing for such a little price. I was never too fawned of shopping at thrift stores because I was always so worried about what people would think if I was wearing a t-shirt or a pair of pants that only cost me 5.00$. But as I grow older and see how expensive some pieces of clothing can be, I take advantage of the fact that thrift shops even exist at all. And the important thing isn’t the amount you spend but rather how you style the piece(s) of clothing. I don’t go thrifting often seeing as we don’t have that many in Montreal, but when I do I make sure to grab as many valuable pieces as possible. Here are the items I got while thrifting a little while ago, and will most likely do a part 2 of more thrift shop finds in the near future:


Version 2

Although the material of this top is very uncomfortable, the gold shimmer it has makes this top super cute and easy to dress up. I love the fact that I have the choice of dressing up a t-shirt (which is usually a bit difficult). Tucked in to a pair of pants with a gold accented belt would be my choice of a dressier outfit, and I kept it casual in this picture by tying it in the front and throwing on a pair of comfy leggings.


Version 2

I was actually pretty lucky to have found this Naked & Famous light wash, denim button-down at Village des Valeurs because, as I researched the value of this particular top, it goes for 150$ US on their website. So I really scored with this one, and plus it fits oversized which is my favourite kind of fit. I have other denim button-downs but not like this one, it almost has the faintest shade of purple (which is impossible to tell on the picture but hey).


Version 2

This turtle neck is such a staple for any season, but especially for fall. I would love to know what brand it is but unfortunately it doesn’t have a single tag inside. Besides that, the colour is so beautiful because it’s a very dark burnt orange but also has the slightest  shade of brown so it appears darker in person, which contrasts my skin tone very well. Another thing I like about this turtleneck is that the neck portion is very long, which lets me play around with the way I want it to sit on my neck (all scrunched up or folded over like I did here).



I am just over the moon about these pants; I’ve never seen any pant with stripes this thin so I find them quite unique and fun. If I had to change something about them, I would lengthen them just one more inch, but other than that, they’re really comfortable as well. I’m very obsessed with high-waisted anything, so the fact that these pants are high- waisted made me purchase them that much more. I would probably wear a white sleeveless button-down and tie the front into a knot, and chuck on a pair of white sneakers like I had on in this picture, for a cute spring/summer look.



And lastly, I purchased these faux suede cropped pants, which are the coolest things ever. I can’t wait to style these when the weather warms up a bit because for right now it’s still a little too chilly for my ankles to be that exposed (mtl problems). They’re also high-waisted which just makes my life that much better and easier. As for styling them, I will probably wear a pointed-toe heel since they’re cropped and have a more chic material to them.

As I mentioned in the beginning I will most likely make a part two of my thrift shop finds, just to give myself an excuse to go thrifting again hehe.

Until next time xxx